Why Join Your Local Club

All AMBA clubs provide a national membership to the AMBA discount program via Australian Baby Card. This is provided FREE and is valued at $30 a year!

Local clubs provide a variety of services, all of which are run on a volunteer basis so may vary from time to time. In most cases, local clubs generally offer the following:

  • PlaydateExpectant parent evenings - this gives you the opportunity to meet other expectant parents of multiples. Some clubs have a library available that you can browse through and videos that you might like to watch.
  • Library resources - most clubs have literature from antenatal right through to the teenage years and beyond.
  • Equipment hire - some clubs have equipment hire including breastpumps and breastfeeding pillows
  • Mum's and Bub's mornings, playgroups, Dad's days out, Social evenings (without children), Multiple Birth Awareness Week Celebrations, Christmas Picnics. These are just a few of the many opportunities available to club members to meet other parents/carers of multiples. Through these opportunities you can form friendships, share experiences, gain and offer support to those with shared experiences.
  • Club newsletters - the frequency of these depend on the local club
  • Buddy system - some clubs offer a buddy system where they buddy you up with a current member who has older multiples and can give you support to know that you will survive.
  • Hospital visits - most clubs offer a hospital visiting service, due to privacy regulations the hospital coordinator would generally leave information with the nursing staff unless you have specifically asked to see them.

In addition to these services you also have access to the national body, state based conferences and the annual national Convention, where members from all around Australia get together for information and workshops.

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