About Us

The Australian Multiple Birth Association (NSW) Inc. is a not-for-profit, non-political, non-sectarian organisation comprising of multiple birth families. The organisation was established in 1978 with the dual aims of assisting the national AMBA organisation in the achievement of their objectives and to liaise between the local Member-Clubs and AMBA.

At a national level, AMBA provides support, resources and education to multiple birth families. Through an active media presence and organised events such as the annual Australian Multiple Birth Awareness Week, AMBA is active in increasing the awareness of the unique needs faced by multiple birth families.

With a large number of clubs being established around Australia, AMBA NSW was formed in 1978 to provide state based support and expertise. The AMBA NSW organisation is composed of Member-Clubs from throughout New South Wales, as well as other organisations and individuals who meet the membership criteria.

Our Aims

  • To promote and encourage the development of Multiple Birth Clubs throughout NSW.
  • To be a self help organisation for Multiple Birth families, enabling them to exchange information and offer mutual support.
  • To provide opportunities for new and existing clubs to interact with each other.
  • To advise, assist and encourage the activities of new and existing Multiple Birth Clubs.
  • To develop public awareness of the existence of AMBA, its aims and activities.
  • Generally to take any action necessary and proper for the accomplishment of the foregoing objects and which will be of direct or indirect benefit to the Association.

Committee Members 2016-17

 President  Ashlee Tenberge
 North West Sydney MBA 
 NSW State Representative  Ashlee Tenberge  North West Sydney MBA
 Vice President  Daila Mohr  Illawarra South Coast MBA
 Secretary  Leisl Gauci
 North West Sydney MBA
 Treasurer  Youn Cho  Hornsby, Ku-Ring-Gai Hills MBA
 Services Officer  Bronwyn Bruzzano  Northern Beaches MBC
 Communications Officer  VACANT  
 Grants/Research Coordinator  Youn Cho  Hornsby, Ku-Ring-Gai Hills MBA
 Archivist  Joyce Keating  Multinet MBA
 Auditor  Michael Bladen  
 Bereavement Contact  Courtney Woolf-Winton  Central Coast MBA
 Higher Order Multiple Contact  Kimberlee King  Southern Sydney MBA
 Premature Birth Contact  Claire Hockey  Hornsby, Ku-Ring-Gai Hills MBA
 Public Officer  Youn Cho  Hornsby, Ku-Ring-Gai Hills MBA
 Special Needs Contact  Joanne McKeough O'Keefe  Nepean MBA
 Webmaster  VACANT  
 Social Media Administrator  Belinda Winwood-Smith  Inner West MBA 
 Mail Collection   Claire Hockey  Hornsby, Ku-Ring-Gai Hills MBA



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